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UK ke side effect

So I wrote this about an year ago but you may still find it fresh

ब्‍लॉगते रहो! (Keep Blogging)

It has been weeks since I moved to UK. And those who think UK implicitly means London are wrong. Because I am living in a city known as Ipswich (I feel the name has a Punjabi flavour) . If you think that all the cities in UK are similar to London, then it is a mistake. Ipswich is in no ways like London and nor does it aspire to.

 When I was travelling to the UK I had decided not to write anything about how I am finding the new life in UK. I decided this because I never wanted to write something which has already been talked and written about. But last week something happened that made me think otherwise. I was chatting over the internet with one of my friends when she mentioned something which surprised me, or rather inspired me to think. I took a step back…

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The book and the monster

It was a lonely night for him. He had nothing much to do, and neither felt the zeal. He saw the book resting, looking him into the face, on the messed up dining table. The book had been long on the list of his pending items. Just for the sake of killing the time, as he was not able to sleep, he picked up the book.

A mild wind was blowing through the room. Wind chimes tied on the curtain rail behind him swayed incessantly, producing a pleasant but mysterious noise. The book had involved him completely. Quite oblivious to his surrounding he was completely in its clasp. He was so engrossed that even if something lurked out of the dark behind the curtains, he would not have noticed. Just as he turned to the last page of the first chapter, for fraction of a second, his attention moved away from the book.

“Is there someone behind me?” He asked to himself

Consciously he turned back to flush away his apprehension. The curtains flew and wind chimes chimed. He went back into the book. But, still, he could not get the doubt out of his mind. He still felt as if someone was behind him. It seemed that the something wanted his attention, purposefully.

“Is it because of the book? Is someone or something jealous of the fact that the book has got my full attention and nothing else?” he asked to himself once again

He moved his glance away from the pages of the book. And then to greatest of his horrors, he turned into a monster!

Reflections – Judgement

Every human being in the city if Ahmedabad was on his roof. Kites covered the whole of the sky above Ahemadabad.  Yes, you guessed it right, it was Uttrayan. Anyone who ever had even a slight brush with Gujrati culture knows what Uttrayan means to this western state.

I was in 2nd standard. My cousins were visiting us and I was boastingly showing them off my knowledge about the big city. I had slender frame and wore a spec, even then. My father had got us one of the most fancy and expensive kites available. It was sky blue in colour, made with a material which gave it a shimmering look, when the sun rays bounced on it. It had a beautiful sparkling tail. Now in Ahmedabad or rather in whole of the Gujrat catching a cut kite is as big a thing as flying one, on Uttrayan.   There are hoards of kids combing the streets in hunt for a falling kite, with differing devices to capture it. Long sticks, lingar or  long piece of manjha with a stone tied at one end were the most popular one.

Since I was not very old resident of the neighbourhood, I was not the part of this kite hunting fraternity. Usually I kept to myself and minded my own kite. It was the big day and I and my cousins were out with our precious kite. With our limited expertise we managed to get the kite flying. Since, we were no match to the honed kite-iers of Ahmedabad it probably stayed in the sky for less than quarter of an hour.

Seeing our kite fall down, swinging in the arms of the gentle breeze our child hearts were saddened. There was a fat kid hanging around on the adjoining roof, who had no kites with him. He kept looking at us all through this, and somewhere down I had created a notion about him. I had thought that since he had no kites with him, he was jealous to see us fly the pretty kite.

The scavenger boys, who saw the kite fall from the sky, ran towards it to catch it. We were on the top floor and getting down the roof and catching it before them was not possible. And I knew that being the outsider and a non-member I cannot get it back from them once the caught hold of it.

As soon as one of the boys caught hold of one end of the manjha, the fat boy shouted his name. The insecure kid inside me judged that he is probably going to tell that guy to keep it for him. This triggered an immediate reaction from me.

“Ay, jaadiya(fatty)!” I said trying to threaten him. I could do this only because I knew my cousins were with me. If I would have been alone I would not have done that.

He shot a look at me

“Hey, don’t take the kite, it is my friend’s” He told the street kid.

I was astonished and devastated. We got our kite back. I could never come to talk to the fat guy again, simply because I was not able to face him

Sometimes in life, we become too defensive just because we build up an opinion about someone or some situation. And that opinion is not created just with what we see, understand and believe. It is solely creation of our own mind. This incident taught me an important lesson – never be too quick in passing a judgement about something, especially when the only perspective with which you have seen it is yours. I am still trying to overcome the faults and imperfections that everyone of us is born with, with each such incident teaching another lesson.

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