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Rahul, me & Amit


It was a hot Sunday of March 2007. Sunday was really proving to be a ‘sun’ day; it was hot, very hot. My friend Amit agrawal and I went to the city looking for some project kit for our minor project. We were on his white scooty. Suddenly I got an idea (I wish I would not have).


Me: Amit, could you just spare some time?


Amit: yes. Why?


Me: Let us go to the mall I want to look for a camera.


Amit: O K


We went to the mall. And when we were returning, in the parking lot…


Amit: hey, Rahul.


He spotted Rahul gupta (along with some others). Rahul was a good friend of both of us. He was there to watch a movie, and was returning too. He lived nearby so all three of us took the same root back. Suddenly near collectorate (for those who know Indore), Amit’s scooty dried up. It was out of petrol. We were near a petrol pump, about a half KM away. One thing we could have done was to drag the scooty to the pump but we chose the other one. I brought an empty bottle of oil from a mechanic and Rahul and I went to bring the petrol leaving Amit there all alone.

                                                Amit is a very nice person but then he never seemed to grow up. He was a very naïve and childlike guy. He didn’t understand the guiles of the outer world.

                                        So, we came back, to where we left Amit, with the fuel but he was gone. Amit along with his scooty was nowhere to be found.


Me: call him, Rahul. (I still do not have a cell phone)


Rahul called him    


Rahul: no response the phone is ringing.


We called him another four-five times but no response. We asked the shopkeeper around but nobody knew where he went. He just disappeared without a clue.


Me: If he dragged the scooty to the pump (which was least possible), we would have met him in the way. Did you see him?


Rahul: no. lets check one more time.


We went back to the pump and asked the guys there but they saw nobody with a white scooty there.


Rahul: maybe he would’ve moved to someplace near by for hiding from the sunshine.

Me: Let us go back and see. Now the heat was getting me, I felt exhausted it was 3 pm, which is the hottest time of the day. This time we looked at every possible place he could have gone. He was on feet and had a vehicle to drag and that even in this kind of heat. Where could he possibly go? I asked to myself.


Me: Rahul where could have he gone he is on feet and we are on bike.


Rahul: how far he would have gone? What do you think happened?


Me: what do we do now?


Rahul: Let us try out one more time at the pump maybe now we could find him.


We again went to the pump the answer was the same.


Me: Rahul I need some water, something liquid. Let us buy some soft drinks first.

We bought a bottle of sprite and sat on the stairs of the shop, which was inside the pump.


Rahul: I think we should call him once again.


He called Amit.


Rahul: his phone is switched off.


Me: his phone is switched off and earlier there was no response. Do you know that his father is at a high position in the electricity board? So it is possible that maybe he is being…


Rahul:kidnapped? along with the scooty? How?


Me: look it is possible what else do you think happened?


Rahul: you think we should call his family?


Me: we could but then what if he is not kidnapped? They would panic.


We were in a state of ambiguity. We did not know what to do we did not know where he went. The bottle was now empty and so were our minds. We were totally out of options.

                                    And then the most shocking thing happened. Mr. Amit agrawal came ridding his white scooty and stopped in front of us. I was experiencing an outburst of anger, jubilation and questions. I am sure so was Rahul.

Us (me and Rahul): so where did you get petrol from?


Amit: I went to the pump.


Rahul: lie, we checked here twice you have just arrived.


Amit: no no. not from this one, I went to the Mhow naka pump (which was 5 kms away)


Me: you dragged the scooty that far?


Amit: no. there was some petrol left in it. I kicked it and then it started so I went to that pump. I waited for you and then I remembered that there was a petrol pump here also and you must have came here so I came here looking for you.  


I felt like slapping him.


Rahul: why did not you pick up the phone?


Amit: oh. There is some problem in the vibrator it is not working. Look it even has discharged now.


I felt like being laughed at. Therefore, our day with Amit ended.



Blogte rahoooooo………….

‘blogte raho’ now what kind of title is this? but this was the first thing that arrived to me when i thought of starting a blog. I hope you all will love this. Soon I will start posting relevant post you all would be intrested in.

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