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एक झील है यहीं पास में

तेरी आँखों से गहरी और मेरे अरमानो से ज्यादा थकी हुई

किनारे उसके टहलने चला जाता हूँ कभी

वो जो गाना था हम साथ में गुनगुनाते थे

पत्थर बाँध कर उसी झील में फेंक आया हु|


यूँ  घबरा मत, वहां हो महफूज़ है|

झील के ताल में धरा है|

पापा के स्कूटर, लकड़ी-गारे के पुराने घर, दादी की कहानियो, नाना के पेड़ो, माँ के गुर्दे और दोस्तों की साइकिल से निकली हवा के साथ|


वैसे तो गोता भी मैं ठीक-ठाक लगा लेता हूँ

पर इस झील में कम ही लगता हूँ|

अन्दर जाने के ख्याल से ही सांस रुक सी जाती है|


लेकिन आज बात कुछ अलग सी हो गयी है|

अब तू आ ही  गयी है, न चाहते हुए गोता तो मैं लगाऊंगा ही


पता नहीं फिर कब बदन सूखेगा?

पता नहीं कब मैं उबर पाउँगा?IMG_4772.JPG



Oh dear, Night

When that brilliant ball of flames quenches its thirst in the ocean and moves to the distant lands slowly an envelope of darkness falls upon. It is the time when we retire to our abodes. It is the time when the nightingale sings and stars come out to watch over the world of the mortals. Most of us think that this time of the day is a time when we sleep. But night is more than what we see. Rather than a time for sleeping it is a time of awakening.

It is in the lap of night that your soul finds peace. The day is when you live for the world. During the day you are a husband or a wife, an employer or an employee, a student or a teacher but when the rays of sun bi a goodbye to the earth like the clothes on your body, your soul sheds these identities.

Night marries you with your soul. It is the time when you stop being what you are told to or what you are expected to be. It is the time when you are. Even if your body sleeps your soul awakens to the starry summon. It is in your deepest dreams that you achieve your true self.  You do what you wanted to and be what you wanted to be. Love your loved ones and meet those who are afar in space and time.

Your dreams are the vessels which mount the distance of space and time. When the cool moonlit breeze caresses your body, your soul sets sail in the vessels of dreams and travels through epochs and spends fathoms to be with the one you want to be. There is no worldly bondage to tie you in your dreams.

And on those, like me, who are void of sleep, the goddess of night showers her most cherished blessings. The song of silence fills the heart and the glow of darkness enlightens the conscience. For the real dreamers are the one who dream with their eyes wide open.

It is in this envelope of darkness that the soul which is a tear from the almighty’s eyes, silently walks into the chamber of your heart. For the cacophony and ferocity of the day does not suit the flourishing of the soul. During the day it hides beneath the layer of clothes that you have to wear. And while it dances within the palace of your heart it arouses the fountain of creativity. The scented streams of art flow the strongest in the night. Night inspires.

Night conceives the ideas of the new world that must come alive with night’s death. It is the reason for the birth of a new day.  Night fades itself away to let a new sun arise erasing all that was yesterday. Night is the mother, the mother of tomorrow.


मेरी अजब सहेली है ये रात,

हौले-हौले कह जाती है हर बात।


सपने कई, जिनमे है कोई बंधन नहीं,

उन्मुक्त भाव और उनकी उड़ान नित-नयी।

यादों की दिल में करा जाती है बरसात,

मेरी अजब सहेली है ये रात।


और है स्वप्न से भी सुन्दर इसका चेतन दर्शन,

परमात्मा की शरण में आत्म का मंथन ।

खुद की खुदी से करा जाती है ये बात,

मेरी अजब सहेली है ये रात।

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