Let Us StoryTell Challenge



What is the challenge about?

A collaborative story writing initiative
The idea is very simple, get onboard and start writing. That’s it!
Start with an opening piece for what you think can evolve into an interesting story and get your friends to complete the rest.

How? Piece of cake!!!

Starting off – Like our Facebook page to take up the challenge (https://www.facebook.com/lustchallenge/info)

Building the Launchpad – Create a collaborative document on Google docs with the initial part of the story

Passing the baton – Post the link on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. and tag your friends to take the baton and add their bit to the rest of the story. (Don’t forget the hashtag #LUSTChallenge #LUST)

For eg. I write the first chapter and tag Amar, Prem and Anand. Amar writes the next chapter of the story and tags Teja, Bhalla and Gogo. Then Gogo writes the third chapter and tags some more of his friends

Tagged friends can choose from either contributing or starting a story of their own.

Make it a spectacle – Post updates on our Facebook page for everyone else to experience your creativity. People completing at least 50% of their story would me made editors for the Facebook page

Because a challenge is not worth it without rules

1. Each contributor(including the first challenger) needs to write at least 500 words
2. Only those who have contributed to the story should pass the baton
3. There can be at most 10 contributors and at least 5000 word
4. You have only 15 days to complete the story
5. The final story can be touched up/edited by any of the contributors

Why do this at all?

For the joy of creation

To make a better use of mostly useless social networks 😉

To let the writer in you take charge, even if it is for 500 words, who gets bogged down by the mundane excel sheets, e-mails and all other bull shit!!!

We would try to get the top 10 stories(based on number of likes) published as an anthology 😀

Contributions from multiple authors would make each story unique, a riot of literary flavors!!!


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