How to become a Jedi in less than 100 Rupees (Just over 1 pound, without any fancy software)

In case you missed this one 🙂

ब्‍लॉगते रहो! (Keep Blogging)

It was a boring Saturday evening with nothing to look forward to. I sat watching my flatmates chat over whatsapp or watching some discreet football match. I kept staring at the things kept at my desk and suddenly my eyes fell on the uncared for torch light. And it lighted yet another idea in my mind. Being a single child makes you competent enough to not get bored even in absence of company.

‘Let me make a light sabre’ I told myself.

It took me 2 hours, a torch light, some used A4 size papers, cellophane tape, my digital camera and some help from Picasa. And what resulted was this


Which is quite neat looking at the price at which you can do it. So I thought why not to share this with all of you. Although are lot of software available to create this and light saber toys in…

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About Rohan Kanungo

Suffering from a disorder that leads to a constant mental escape to other universes and create stories, images and what-not in my mind. I love making friends and catching up with them. Travelling is something which I like a lot but am not able to do much, so I do the next best thing - Reading. I love looking through the window in the nothingness. :) I love my parents, probably the coolest set of individual to get together on the face of the planet.

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