Serving as a software professional, has given me the chance to travel to some of the biggest cities in India. Each city leaves a distinct mark; you develop a connection with the place. Cities for me are like individuals, I like them, hate them, and miss them (I am sure many of you would also feel the same). This distinct connection brings about a personality, a distinct one for each city. Knowing a city is like knowing a person, a friend. When someone asks you about a friend you start describing him or her, similarly you can do for a city. So, I thought would it not be good idea to share with people I know what I feel about each city I have lived in. I think of them as females (don’t ask me why).
I will start with the hippest city in India, Bangalore. Bangalore is like the most desirable babe in the town. She is hot and sexy. Well educated and cultured. Everyone wants to be with her. But it not easy for everyone to handle her tantrums. She loves expensive gifts. Gifts not all can afford. She will always keep you waiting, while she is busy pampering herself. But when you get to know her closely, only then you realize she has her own problems. Her problems are not visible from the outside, but those really bother her. People looking at her from a distance are always attracted to her, without knowing who she is. She is fed up of being an object of desire, and hates people falling for her just because she is attractive, and not for what she actually is.
Hyderabad, on the other hand is much amiable, friendly and a bit tom boy. She is the one friend you would always want to have. She is a friend you would go out with for having random fun. She is very accommodating, but can play pranks at you which you would not like. She is a true friend and expects nothing much in return. When you will be down and out, she will be there by your side. She will be there to cheer you up and bring smile back on your face. With her be assured that entertainment will never end. You will want going back to her, once you have known her. Her name will always bring joy to your heart.
The city of my current residence, Pune. She is like a girl who is opening up to the brave new world. Coming from a conservative family and stepping into the modern society is a bit of trouble for her. Her confidence is what makes her stand out, but there are acclimatization issues. She has a rich legacy, of which she is very proud. She is like the girls who would wear a short skirt but will never forget to touch the feet of their elders. She is beautiful, but also outspoken. Fearless. She will hang out with you until she feels you are not maroing chance on her or until her father is fine with her hanging out with you. Much like Bangalore she is demanding. It takes time for her to be a real good friend with you, but once you develop that bond, it will stay forever.
Next is the city which is the southernmost state capital in India, Trivandrum. She is a reserved girl, not many people know her. But she is beautiful, very beautiful. Her beauty is pristine. She is a natural charmer. She loves cleanliness and is a bit lazy. She hates hurry, and takes thing at her own pace. Not all are interested in knowing her, and even she hesitates in opening up to any stranger. But once you are smitten with her beauty, you will never complain about her laziness or obsession for cleanliness.
Ahmedabad is like the girl next door. She lives in the neighborhood, but is hardly noticed. She is good looking, but is overlooked in presence of Bangalores and Punes. You know she is there, but don’t really care. She is the one who will lend you her notes or will take the risk of putting a proxy attendance for you. But you will hardly thank her. She will always be around. Not all do justice to her and she does not complain about that. She is vibrant and wants to have fun all the time. She loves the festivals and the festivities.
Most people would have been wondering whether I have written this or not as the name which should’ve been there is not mentioned till now, Indore. Indore for me is like my childhood lover. She and I have grown up together. I know her and she knows me the way we know ourselves. No matter how far she is from me, she will always be with me. Nobody can come close to where she is. Even if I know she has her shortcomings, she is not that beautiful, not a big name, I wouldn’t love her less. She is sweet and knows how to treat people. She is the one with heart of gold. She cooks awesome food and knows how to party. I have spent the best moments of my life with her. She asks for nothing in return and is happy even if I am away from her. Hers is a selfless love. What comes to my mind for her is
Oh what do I tell you of my beloved City,
I used to live there, but now she lives in me
It is not only me who has such a connection with the cities I have been in. I am sure there would be many among you who feel the same. The world is not void of cities and I have covered only a handful. There still are cities waiting to be personified, waiting for someone to describe them as a personality. Go forth and share your connections with the cities you have lived in.
P.S. Whatever I written, is my perspective and everybody can have his/her own perspective. I request you not to take any offence in what I have mentions as those are my personal views.


About Rohan Kanungo

Suffering from a disorder that leads to a constant mental escape to other universes and create stories, images and what-not in my mind. I love making friends and catching up with them. Travelling is something which I like a lot but am not able to do much, so I do the next best thing - Reading. I love looking through the window in the nothingness. :) I love my parents, probably the coolest set of individual to get together on the face of the planet.

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  1. Superb sirji 😉

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